What are the World Sudoku and Puzzle Championships?

The World Puzzle Championship (WPC), first organized in 1992 in New York City by Will Shortz, is an annual competition featuring language- and culture-neutral puzzles, primarily puzzles involving logic and reasoning, to allow puzzlers from around the globe to compete on equal footing. The three day event features hundreds of puzzles, organized into both individual and team rounds, to challenge the world’s best puzzle solvers. Hosts come from the different member nations of the World Puzzle Federation.

In 2006, the World Sudoku Championship (WSC) became a second annual competition organized with the World Puzzle Federation, focused on Sudoku puzzles and their common variations with a similar competition structure to the WPC. Currently, the two events are held together in a puzzle-packed week with two days for the WSC, a break/excursion day, and then three days for the WPC.


Who can compete at the 2023 WSC/WPC?

Anyone with an interest in solving sudoku and/or logic puzzles for several days straight is welcome to attend one or both of the championships. The main thing to note is that, following the Olympics tradition, there is a maximum for how many competitors each country can have on their “official” team which is 4 competitors for the WSC and 4 competitors for the WPC. What does this mean:

  • Individual member nations in the World Puzzle Federation are listed here.
  • If you live in a member nation and want to compete on an official “A team”, you need to qualify through your country’s qualification process. Contact your country's representative for more info.
  • If you live in a member nation and won't be competing on an “A team”, you are still welcome to attend. Notify your country's representative about your wish to attend, and you can be added as an unofficial competitor or guest, space-permitting.
  • If you do not live in a member nation, you can register directly as an individual using the Registration page. An additional €50 fee will apply for WPF personal membership if you are not already a member. You will be an “official” individual competitor, and can join up as part of a UN team with other unaffiliated solvers to experience the team competition as well.
  • If you live in the Toronto area and want to attend as a volunteer to help with the event (e.g., grading puzzles) while also experiencing the evening activities and other aspects, please contact . (If you live farther out and don’t mind covering some expenses like room/travel, please let us know too in case we need additional help.)
  • If you're not sure about the status of your country or WPF membership, please contact and we’ll see if we can help.


How can I prepare for the WSC/WPC?

Many online puzzle competitions are held throughout the year which resemble the WSC/WPC in format and puzzle types (but not in overall length). The WPF Sudoku/Puzzle Grand Prix series are good examples of these competitions, as are national competitions like the US Puzzle Championship. For this year’s event, with Thomas Snyder (WSC) and Serkan Yürekli (WPC) as the competition directors, some of their past Grand Prix rounds will serve as good practice:


Where will the 2023 WSPC be held?

The venue for the WSPC is the Don Valley Hotel and Suites, in the North York district of Toronto. It is nicely located 21 minutes from Lester Pearson International Airport and 15 minutes from the heart of the city.

As part of registration, the organizers will help provide transfer to and from the airport if your travel happens on official arrival and departure days (WSC only: October 15th arrival and October 18th departure; WPC only: October 18th arrival and October 22nd departure).

This location should allow for easy access to different sites in the Toronto area around the event for those extending their stay, and some different excursion options will be offered on October 18th.

Is it possible to participate without staying at the Don Valley Hotel?

No. To provide the best rates for the event including the competition space we have made some minimum reservations with the hotel including room and food. Except for very unusual circumstances (e.g., a competitor already lives in Toronto), we do not expect that we can accommodate other rooming requests. If the overall cost of the event might impact your ability to compete as part of an official team, please reach out to us to discuss potential assistance.


If you have other questions about the event, please reach out to us at and we will try to answer your question and may add it to this FAQ here as well.